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9 July 2018
ETF dockers call for joined-up thinking from port authorities

6 July 2018
Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions Directive: ETF strongly opposes exclusion of seafarers and fishermen from EU labour and social legislation

3 July 2018
Sustainable transport and fair competition: Railway Employers and Trade Unions back road workers in call for decent EU Mobility Package

29 June 2018
Social dumping in road transport damages all European workers – Romanian union ATU calls for a fair EU Mobility Package

28 June 2018
Fair Fishing for Europe: Trade Unions launch debate on a more social EU fisheries policy

26 June 2018
European social partners eager to make shipping more attractive for women seafarers

25 June 2018
ETF marks Day of the Seafarer 2018 by launching working group on seafarers’ wellbeing

22 June 2018
Young Dockers discuss burning issues in the future of dockwork

15 June 2018
Seminar in Hamburg spreads the word about European Works Councils

12 June 2018
How YOU can support Turkish DHL workers in fight for union recognition

8 June 2018
ETF Youth preparing for the ITF Congress

5 June 2018
DHL Double Standards: Court victory for TÜMTIS in Turkey

28 May 2018
ETF’s Romanian affiliates host successful Executive Committee in Bucharest

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News online
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