CLOSED | External expert – Development of medical examination guidelines for fishers

19 Mar 2019

The agreements ILO C188 and the IMO STCW-F are relevant for example in regard to the occupational health of fishers. According to art. 10 of the Work in Fishing Convention, no fisherman shall work on board a fishing vessel without a valid medical certificate. However, there are no specific guidelines for medical examination of fishers. With regard to the STCW-F, a comparable situation occurs. It stands in contrast with the situation of merchant seafarers, who are covered by the joint ILO/IMO guidelines on medical examination. Certain countries use the latter to cover also fishers, but in reality these guidelines haven’t been composed with the few of application to fishers and it is questioned whether they fit specificities of sea fishing. It means that there is no health surveillance or occupational disease prevention in the fisheries sector.

The selected consultant will draft guidelines on medical examination of fishers, using the joint ILO/IMO guidelines on medical examination of seafarers as a model, adjusted to the specific needs of the fishers.

Bids must be submitted by email to by 19th of April 2019.

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