Automated driving

Better jobs and better training for professional drivers

Driverless lorries are on everyone’s mind in road transport: vehicle manufacturers, national governments, the European Commission. Task forces are being set up and tests are carried out by governments. This all attracts a lot of attention from the media and the public. However, one key factor is missing in the debate, and that is the role of the professional driver.

The ETF Road Transport Section is determined to step in and make sure drivers and their working conditions stay at the core of change and innovation. After all, they will be affected more than anyone else. As a first step, we have been gathering the necessary know-how to pull our contribution together. Within an EU-funded project we drafted an internal report giving a general analysis of automation in road haulage transport, and its impact on drivers’ work.

What is automation of road transport vehicles?

When, if ever, will road transport vehicles be fully automated?

How will automation in road transport impact the drivers?

What should be the role of the ETF and trade unions in influencing the transition towards automation?

These are the key questions on which we will develop our expertise, policy positions and actions.

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