Call for applications – Study visits for young trade unionists

8 Sep 2022

In the framework of the EU co-funded project ‘Developing Transport Workers’ Expertise for Fair Transport and Strong Unions,  we are launching a call for applications for study visits of young trade unionists. It aims to give insight into the working methods of the biggest ETF affiliates to a group of selected young trade unionists, thereby strengthening trade union organisations across Europe.

The applications are open until Friday, 23 September 2022, and the Youth Steering Committee will make the selection the following week. The study visits can occur between 17 October 2022 and 17 February 2023.

The study visits (“Trade union ERASMUS”) will consist of three groups of three young trade unionists selected through an ETF-wide competition based on the criteria outlined below. Each group will visit an affiliate for five days. The programme of their stay will be agreed upon with the Project Management Team and will focus on exposing the participants to the working methods of the affiliates.

Target group and selection criteria
The competition is open to all transport workers below 35 from the EU Member States and Candidate Countries. To ensure participation, a decent level of English is requested.

The selection criteria for the final 9 participants will include the following:
–    Motivation: please outline why you want to participate
–    Expectation: please specify what you want to learn
–    Accomplishments: what have you achieved so far as a trade union member or activist
–    International teams: teams consisting of more than one union/country are encouraged
–    Trade union density: applicants from countries with a lower trade union density will be given a preference
–    Gender balance: at least one of the three registered participants must be a woman
–    Trans-sectoral dimension: a team formed of applicants from different sectors will be given a preference

Reimbursement of costs
The project will cover the costs for three participants per group from EU Member States and Candidate countries per applicable rules. Details will be provided together with the confirmation.

Other practical details
Each group will be invited to nominate a group leader responsible for regular reporting to the ETF Secretariat. They will also be asked to present their visit to the Executive Committee. You will also be requested to ensure social media coverage through narrative text, pictures and/or videos.

How to apply?
There is no application form. Please write a free-text application outlining the following elements:
–    names of participants, trade union, country
–    preferred country and union which you want to visit
–    tentative dates for the visit
–    how do you correspond to the selection criteria above

Applications and further questions
Please send your application until Friday, 23 September 2022, to Josef Maurer, Head of Operations, Equalities and Central and Eastern Europe,