COVID-19: Recommendations for EWC/SE negotiations

20 Apr 2020


The Directives governing European Works Councils and worker involvement in European Companies materialise workers’ fundamental rights to be informed and consulted on company decisions which may affect their interests across borders.

They set a general framework and leave it up to worker representatives and the management in each concerned company to negotiate the concrete operation, roles and resources of an EWC or SE-Works Council. Those negotiations lay the foundations of the future social dialogue in the multinational company. There is no efficient EWC or SE-Works Council without a high-quality EWC or SE agreement. Securing a quality agreement is all the more important than it is a legally binding document stating each party’s duties and responsibilities for the years to come. It is therefore of the utmost importance to ensure that the conditions are met for EWC/SE negotiations to be properly conducted.

To help ensure the best conditions for negotiations during current extraordinary circumstances, six European Trade Union Federations prepared recommendations for negotiations. They are available for download in English, Swedish, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch language.

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