Deadline extended: Call for Tender| WOMEN TRANSPORT WORKERS – Making the transport sector fit for women to work in – how to use the twin transition for the benefit of women through gender mainstreaming?

7 Aug 2023

Transport, and access to transportation, are essential to the functioning and future of our continent – providing access to food, medicine, employment, education, and leisure.

The ETF’s central vision of fair transport is inclusive, where social, just and environmentally sustainable transport go hand in hand, thus maximising the quality of life, accessibility, safety, social justice, equality and social and economic cohesion across Europe.

Under the title “DELIVERING FAIR TRANSPORT FOR ALL (DFT4A)”, the ETF is implementing an EU-funded project comprising four pillars.

Due to the specific expertise required on the topic of women in transport and gender mainstreaming of transport policies and programs related to the green and digital transformation of the sector and the organisational constraints, ETF is looking for external expertise to implement the 3rd pillar of this EU-funded project.

The ongoing call for external expertise focuses on the pillar Women Transport Workers (WP 3) – Making the transport sector fit for women to work in – how to use the twin transition for the benefit of women in transport through gender mainstreaming?

The expert will support ETF to develop expertise and policy recommendations on gender mainstreaming in transport policies related to the green and digital transition to benefit women’s employment in the sector.

The selected expert is expected to conduct his research, draft a report, provide practical support for organising dedicated workshop activities and draft the deliverables of the project.

The tenderer shall prove their expertise with examples of their work. The contract will only be awarded to tenderers who can prove they fulfil specific criteria. The expert can be an individual, an organisation or a consortium comprising several entities.

Full details of this call for tenders are available here.

The offers, including a CV, must be sent to Sabine Trier by e-mail at

The initial deadline – 7 August 2023 – is extended to 23 August 2023.