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2008 press releases


2 December 2008
IRU and ETF re-energise social dialogue on logistics


12 November 2008
ETF press release: Rail workers march to stop EU-wide rail break-up

7 November 2008
Rail workers to march in Paris on Thursday against EU plans

4 November 2008
NO to any Social Cutbacks for Cabin Crew Staff, NO to any Risks for Passenger Safety


10 October 2008
Brussels demo calls for ‘more and better jobs at sea’

6 October 2008
What Future for European Air Traffic Control?


25 June 2008
Air Traffic Control workers react to Commission proposal

17 June 2008
New website will be online lifeline - Även i svensk språkversion (nedan)

10 June 2008
ITF speech to ILO tomorrow: ‘market forces can’t deliver us from crises’


9 May 2008
Press update: latest on An Yue Jiang

9 May 2008
Unions launch group to represent National Express workers

6 May 2008
An Yue Jiang update. Ship makes no attempt to offload arms, trade unions report


30 April 2008
China arms ship still has not docked in Luanda

18 April 2008
ITF: South African dockers act against Zimbabwe arms shipment

11 April 2008
IRU and ETF agree to work together on 12-day derogation in Coach Tourism


27 March 2008
ETF against EP amendment meant to cut rest time for coach drivers


28 February 2008
Commission to examine ETF call for a European social and environmental observatory in transport

12 February 2008
ETF warns over changes to rest time rules for coach drivers

7 February 2008
Trade-unions meet Jacques Barrot, Vice-President of European Commission


24 January 2008
Single European Sky design cannot omit workers’ participation

14 January 2008
The Communication from the Commission on the Single Sky Legislation is not a success story for workers

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Galerie AGORA, Rue du Marché aux Herbes 105, Boîte 11 B - 1000 Bruxelles  |  +32 2 285 46 60   |