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Inland Waterways

This webpage should help you to find relevant European social legislation related to inland waterways, as well as policy documents of the different European institutions and bodies. Finally, ETF positions on these issues are included.

The ETF “inland waterways” section brings together trade union officers and representatives of national transport trade unions, affiliated to ETF defending the interests of workers in the sector (freight transport, passenger transport in particular hotel- and cruiseships).

The section defines the ETF positions regarding EU transport policy, including relevant legislation, exerts pressure on the EU institutions and is actor in the European Sectoral Social Dialogue. It has an observer status in the CCR-ZKR (Central Rhine Commission) and has applied for a similar status in the Danube Commission.

The section has elected the following persons:

Section Chair Joris KERKHOFS ACV-Transcom Belgium

Vice Chair responsible for Social Dialogue

Jacques KERKHOF BTB Belgium
Vice Chair Women's Representative Valérie LATRON FGTE-CFDT France
Vice Chair Youth Representative Luka MISIC SUC Croatia

 Useful tools


  • Please find here more information about the basic principles applicable in most cases with regard to taxation issues when you work and live in various different countries over a short period of time.
  • You can download the app called “Marine Traffic” on your mobile device for Android, Windows or for iOS. It is a useful search engine when you for example want to locate ships and need to know in which harbour they will moor.





News online

24 Apr 2018
Unions and employers in inland waterways make joint call for end to violence against women and LGBTQI workers
// // The social partners for inland waterways (ETF, EBU and ESO) have issued a joint declaration, pledging to fight against the workplace violence faced by women and LGBTQI employees in the sector.  They also call on the EU...

26 May 2017
Unions will redouble efforts in face of challenging European environment
The 5th ordinary congress of the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) has closed in Barcelona. Hundreds of participants from trade unions across Europe have been part of the event which sets out the priorities and areas of focus for the...


Press releases

13 Mar 2018
European transport unions call for European Labour Authority that works for workers
// // Transport unions across Europe listened carefully as Marianne Thyssen, EU Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs, presented plans for a European Labour Authority (ELA). We hoped this new body would be a concrete step in...

14 Nov 2017
European Social Partners welcome the Inland Waterway Transport Directive on recognition of professional qualifications
The European Barge Union (EBU), the European Skippers Organisation (ESO) and the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) express their satisfaction on the adoption of the Directive on recognition of professional qualifications for European...


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Galerie AGORA, Rue du Marché aux Herbes 105, Boîte 11 B - 1000 Bruxelles  |  +32 2 285 46 60   |  etf@etf-europe.org