Unions are at the table as European Parliament ushers in new Labour Authority

MEPs have formally signed off on a proposal to create a new European Labour Authority to oversee fair application of EU labour laws to workers who move around Europe. A huge step forward! Trade unions will have a major role in the powerful new body. But there is more work to do, so that transport workers are fully covered.


TASCS Final Report

The “Towards A Sustainable Crewing System” (TASCS) project is concluded and its Final Report is available in English, French, German and Dutch.


ETF is moving forward!

As we celebrate the success of our Fair Transport campaign, we are already at work creating the ETF of the future. A special conference gathered affiliates to set a course and explore new ways of working. Commitment was strong, and now it is time to build an even stronger federation for Europe’s transport workers!


Fair Transport action week: day four

It’s the final day of actions around Europe, and many affiliates start their journey to Brussels. Meanwhile, our rally in Strasbourg attracts the support of MEPs.


Transport workers, trade unions and MEPs all together for a Fair Transport

Our Fair Transport action week is for workers and policymakers all over Europe. But of course the European Parliament is a very special audience for us. That is why hundreds of transport workers from different countries were in Strasbourg today for a demonstration with trade unions and MEPs.

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