News July 6, 2021

ETF expresses solidarity with Italian aviation workers

Italian aviation workers will exercise their right to strike today after unions representing aviation transport workers across Italy called for a 24-hour strike in defence of workers severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

News July 1, 2021

Romania: Stop union-busting in Bucharest metro!

Join us in telling Metrorex and the Romanian government they must respect basic labour rights: collective bargaining and social dialogue! Say no to union busting in Bucharest metro! Sign our LabourStart campaign!       

News June 25, 2021

Milestone ILO Convention 190 comes into force

ILO Violence and Harassment Convention 190 – the first international treaty to address violence and harassment – comes into force. ETF continues to call on countries to ratify, but unions are already taking action and can use ETF’s Workplace Guidance to put the topic on the agenda.

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