Statement June 26, 2020

Worker involvement in managing the Covid-19 crisis – Joint Statement by ETF, fellow ETUFs and ETUC

Workers are already facing the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis through massive restructuring in EU companies. ETF, fellow ETUFs and ETUC call on the European and national institutions to deliver concrete and rapid actions to guarantee the effective enforcement of workers’ rights to be informed, consulted and to participate in decision-making before any decision is adopted. Timely and quality social dialogue in the workplace is a necessary pillar to ensure a way out of this pandemic in a socially responsible manner.

Press Release June 23, 2020

Save your sky! – For a safe and resilient air traffic control system

To inform the EU citizens of the current situation of Air Traffic Services and potential consequences for the safety in the skies, Unions and Professional Associations representing ATM/ANS (Air Traffic Management/Air Navigation Services) staff (ATCEUC, ETF, IFAIMA, IFATCA, IFATSEA) have decided to launch a petition.

News June 22, 2020

Milestone ILO Convention 190 celebrates first anniversary

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the historic adoption of the ILO Convention 190 on violence and harassment in the world of work which is supplemented by Recommendation 206. Why is ILO C190 groundbreaking and what’s next? ETF explains.

News June 19, 2020

ETF and ETSC vow to make road safety a reality

ETF endorses recommendations from ETSC’s (European Transport Safety Council) report on how to improve the safety of goods vehicles. Together, we will present a united front to ensure the implementation of these proposals, and work closely together in our fight for road safety, both for professional drivers and road users!

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