News June 14, 2021

The right to organise prevails over economic freedom

On the 10th of June, the European Court of Human Rights issued an important decision on the Holship case involving the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) and the Norwegian Transport Workers’ Union (NTF) vs Norway. The decision makes a very valuable point on workers’ rights: it states that the freedom of establishment is not a counterbalancing fundamental right to freedom of association.

Statement June 14, 2021

European aviation sector is not in the clear yet

The European aviation sector needs dedicated support measures in order to survive the crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. The ETF urges European institutions as well as Member States to provide additional support measures to the European aviation sector and its workers.

Statement June 11, 2021

National football teams must take a stand against social dumping in aviation

ETF is deeply concerned about reports that the German national football team will be using the Lithuanian carrier, KlasJet, for its travel during the UEFA Euro 2020 football tournament. Germany will be the second national team to use this company which has advertised cabin crew jobs operating on this “VIP” carrier with salaries as low as €540 per month.

Statement June 9, 2021

Reports of “Management by fear” in EASA: Union activity is not the problem

As the representative body of all aviation workers in Europe we have seen first-hand the damage to workers and indeed to air safety caused by a “management of fear” which is attested to in a recent report. Therefore, we are deeply alarmed by the claims that this is potentially the style of management employed by EASA whose role is to protect air safety and promote just culture throughout the aviation industry.

Press Release June 7, 2021

Belgian Red Devils must refuse to fly with airline company KlasJet

The Red Devils are set to take off this Friday for the UEFA European Football Championship with a plane from the Lithuanian company Klasjet. In a letter, the European Transport Workers’ Federation asks them not to. Klasjet is a carrier that practices social dumping and pays its staff wages well below Belgian standards. The ETF calls on the Belgian national team to “Take a stand for the transport workers of Europe by refusing to fly with Klasjet.”

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