Union Action July 8, 2021

Buzz continues to refuse social dialogue with B.United

Since Ryanair still denies B. United social dialogue, Paulina Puchala, union representative for TOZPLiN,  attempted to deliver a letter to Ryanair Sun (Buzz) in Warsaw in person on behalf of B.United Presdient, Matteo Pizzolato. The letter simply called for social dialogue but was outright refused.

News July 7, 2021

Port congestion: don’t you dare blame the dockers!

The real causes of port congestion should be sought in the unreliability of the shipping companies and the lack of proper planning to face this exceptional period, instead of putting the burden on port workers who never stepped back during this crisis.

News July 6, 2021

ETF expresses solidarity with Italian aviation workers

Italian aviation workers will exercise their right to strike today after unions representing aviation transport workers across Italy called for a 24-hour strike in defence of workers severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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