Socially sustainable Common Fisheries Policy

Preserving fish stocks is vital, but the EU must also pay attention to the workers who bring our fish from sea to plate. We’re teaming up with EFFAT for a project developing a vision of decent work along the fisheries supply chain.


Fair Tugging Campaign

ETF affiliates in Belgium, Italy, Spain and UK are flying the flag in support of our Fair Tugging Campaign!


Working on Rail Freight Corridors

International rail freight corridors could transform Europe’s rail employment landscape, but competition between public and private operators could erode working conditions. Our research is helping ETF affiliates prepare for the change.


Big victory at WizzAir

Wizz Air took measures against trade union activists and limited workers’ right to free assembly. The Supreme Court of Romania has ruled that the budget airline’s discrimination against workers based on their trade union membership was illegal.


Can Macron’s grand offer to Europe really hold back the populist wave?

As the EU stumbles and voters look to populist forces, French President Macron has presented an ambitious vision for Europe. However, he does not give enough focus to the social crisis at the root of citizen’s discontent. Now workers are taking the lead, building international solidarity for a positive vision of Europe. The ETF with its Fair Transport campaign is at the forefront of this new approach.

Press Release

European Commission adopts social agenda for aircrews, but it is late and incomplete

The European Commission has adopted its report on social standards in aviation. The non-binding proposals, will set the tone for EU work on aircrews. We’ve worked hard for more than one year to feed the Commission with ideas and thoughts that defend workers, and today we are concerned by the Commission’s lack of ambition.

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