News March 12, 2020

‘Indispensable’: Workshop highlights role of unions in ongoing digital transformation of Urban Public Transport

The social partners in urban public transport, ETF and UITP, the International Association of Public Transport, held the workshop “Digital transformation in customer services and its impact on work in urban public transport” last week in Vienna. Trade unionists and employers spent two days discussing the impact of digitalisation on the public transport sector. The role of trade unions is indispensable in these ongoing transformations, and we are committed and up to the challenge!

News March 12, 2020

Appeal to the European Commission: Don’t let one giant airline catering business dominate the market!

In the name of airline catering workers in Europe, European Transport Workers’ Federation and EFFAT European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions provided input to an EC merger control case that relates to Lufthansa selling its European operations of LSG catering group to Gategroup.

We appeal to the European Commission to investigate the case further and not to allow the creation of one giant airline catering business dominating the market.

Statement March 11, 2020

COVID-19: ETF calls for additional measures to prevent dire social consequences in civil aviation!

Yesterday, the European Commission announced that the rules about airport slots will be temporarily relaxed.
This is an important step to ensure the stability of the airline industry in Europe. If introduced in isolation, however, it fails to address the very real social cost civil aviation workers will pay because of the decline in air travel. In parallel with the changes of rules for airport slots, all EU member states need to ensure that workers whose employment is in danger are protected, in line with the provisions that exist in their national legislation.

Event March 9, 2020

What does the future hold for workers in civil aviation?

On 13 and 14 February, trade unionists from all sectors of the civil aviation industry gathered in Madrid to take part in the automation and digitalization (A&D) workshop. The workshop aimed to get an overview of the current state of A&D in the different civil aviation sectors around Europe, reflect on the A&D toolkit, and think about ways these topics could be tackled going forward.

Statement March 5, 2020

Keep Europe moving!

We were sad to learn about another bankruptcy in civil aviation today – UK’s regional airline Flybe. The spread of the COVID-19 has had an important impact in accelerating the process towards the bankruptcy of the airline, which represents just one of the symptoms of a Europe-wide crisis. Decisive action needs to be taken to keep Europe moving.

To prevent a complete collapse of the air transport networks in the immediate future, the EU, European countries and other key authorities such as EASA need to come up with a detailed, clear and effective contingency plan.

News March 5, 2020

Effective and ambitious legislation on due diligence is urgently needed

The ETF calls for a European directive on mandatory human rights due diligence and responsible business conduct.

Companies need to finally be held accountable for the impacts of their operations, without prejudice to joint and several liability.  A European directive would bring us closer to stopping violations of human rights that continue to take place in multinational operations, and their supply and subcontracting chains. 

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