Training and qualification systems in the EU port sector

In 2008-2009 the ETF Dockers’ Section carried out an EU co-funded project called “Training and qualification systems in the EU port sector: setting the state of play and delineating an ETF vision”.

Training and qualifications are a core topic for the Dockers’ Section, and this project aimed to deepen the debate within the ETF about the issue. We also gathered and disseminated knowledge on the different training and qualification systems in place in the EU. The project furthermore gave the ETF and its members a chance to hold a first exchange of views with our partners, such as port authorities and operators, along with training centres and institutional actors.

The project was structured in three phases:

First of all, the ETF Secretariat launched a survey of affiliated unions who represent port workers, in order to establish a solid empirical foundation for the project.

The project’s second phase consisted of a two-day workshop held in Limassol, Cyprus on 26-27 February 2009. ETF affiliates, representatives of terminal operators and port authorities, European Commission officials and training centres’ representatives all attended. A background document to analyse the result of the survey, to set the state of play and launch the debate was drafted by Peter Turnbull from Cardiff University. During the workshop various models of training and qualifications seen in EU member states were presented and extensively debated, along with the priorities for the future.

Building on the debate that took place in Limassol, a final report was drafted. This provide a general background on the project topics, and also summarises the presentations, exchanges and experiences shared.