🌡️Europe's Hot Strike Action Summer! | More: https://t.co/2IQGxlZhuX Transport workers will continue to take strik… https://t.co/Qk7z9RQxNG

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News July 6, 2022

Fighting the right fight – Europe’s hot summer of strike action

When Europe’s politicians and companies refuse to listen, and have no mindset to treat workers as human beings with the right to a decent life based on a decent job with fair pay and conditions… transport workers have no choice but to take strike action.

News June 29, 2022

Fair Transport Rally gathers thousands

ETF, alongside its transport unions and transport workers from France, Switzerland, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Germany and Belgium took Lyon’s streets for Fair Transport.

In Focus


Green and Social Transport

Social issues and environmental concerns are two sides of the same coin. Fighting social dumping and climate action is one and the same struggle.


Protecting the workers behind online platforms

Platform work is challenging existing labour laws and regulations protecting workers. In this new setting, the ETF and its affiliates are fighting to ensure fair working conditions and employee status for platform workers.