Press Release May 31, 2023

ETF warns: until real social improvements occur, the chaos will continue in aviation

Until the aviation industry is ready to offer real solutions to address the ongoing social issues in the sector, the 2022 summer chaos will repeat in 2023, warns ETF. In a letter to the EU Commissioner for Transport, ETF indicates that an honest social dialogue and ensuring that aviation is a good place to work are crucial to building a sustainable aviation industry.

News May 26, 2023

A message of support from ETUC 15th Congress against further liberalisation of rail and attacks on French rail freight.

European Trade Union Confederation’s (ETUC) 15th Congress sends a resounding message of support for French railway workers. The ETUC has made a clear pledge of solidarity and cooperation with the transport workers of Europe in their struggle against policies that come at the expense of transport workers. With this support, the ETF strives to ensure that rail transport is a public service fit for a fair and sustainable Europe.

News May 25, 2023

European fishers joined forces to defend their work and reclaim their future

From Italy to France and Spain, the European fishers called on the European Commission to correlate its recent decisions regulating the sector to the realities of the industry. Across Europe, fishers joined forces and asked for tailored EU rules allowing them to maintain their jobs instead of making the EU depend only on imported fish products imports.

News May 23, 2023

Towards sustainability in the e-commerce supply chain

TeamHub country fiches are online! Within the Team Hub project – in which ETF is an associated partner – you have free access to short country-level analysis of the e-commerce and logistics sectors and labour conditions in Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, and Spain.

News May 18, 2023

International Day for Women in Maritime 2023

The ETF is working to address the current gender imbalance in the maritime, is promoting the role of women in the maritime industry as well as gender diversity and equality and is fighting gender stereotypes and gender discrimination.

Press Release May 9, 2023

Fishers across Europe protest in defence of their work and way of living

On Europe Day, ETF, EBFA, Europêche, EAPO and Cogeca speak up for fishers across Europe protesting this week against the EU policies that are putting the future of the sector at risk. In a joint press release, they send a clear message to the EU authorities that bottom fishing is on the brink of collapse and underline it is time for the EU to rethink where it wants the seafood to come from.

Press Release May 2, 2023

The voices of European fishers must be listened to!

The EU Fishers, as the true Guardians of the Sea, must be protected! – ETF and its affiliates in the Fisheries sector start today a week of actions across Europe to draw attention to the socio-economic risks the industry is exposed to due to the EU Action Plan “Protecting and restoring marine ecosystems for sustainable and resilient fisheries.”

News April 28, 2023

Unions are the only guarantee for workers’ rights to be respected

Trade unions play a vital role in representing workers’ rights and interests. They are the credible voices demanding social protection for workers: unemployment benefits, pensions, or access to healthcare. Aviation workers across Europe are saying that the chances of decent working conditions and fair pay are non-existent unless a union represents workers.