News August 10, 2022

EU must act to protect workers’ rights in Ukraine

Ukrainian Government attacks workers’ rights and unions amidst EU candidacy – ETF and ITF call on the European Commission to compel Ukraine to recall laws depriving Ukrainian workers of their collective rights and social protection.

Statement July 11, 2022

Uber files highlights the importance of protecting workers from unethical platform companies

ETF is very concerned about Uber’s illegal and unethical practices, as revealed by the Guardian via the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). It is outrageous to have undeniable proof of a company’s executives acknowledging their law-breaking explicitly in internal communications. Uber’s behaviour has a direct negative effect on the health and safety, and working conditions of drivers.

News July 6, 2022

Fighting the right fight – Europe’s hot summer of strike action

When Europe’s politicians and companies refuse to listen, and have no mindset to treat workers as human beings with the right to a decent life based on a decent job with fair pay and conditions… transport workers have no choice but to take strike action.

News June 29, 2022

Fair Transport Rally gathers thousands

ETF, alongside its transport unions and transport workers from France, Switzerland, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Germany and Belgium took Lyon’s streets for Fair Transport.