Statement June 10, 2024

European Transport Workers’ Federation Statement on the European Elections

Despite democratic forces in the European Parliament maintaining a majority, the significant growth of the far right is deeply troubling for workers across Europe. In the EU and at national level, far-right representatives have consistently voted against workers’ rights, threatening the hard-won protections and benefits that millions rely on, including in the transport industry.

Press Release June 7, 2024

EU Talent Pool Proposal gives green light to more Grafenhausen-like cases

The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) wants to expose the fundamental threat posed by the European Commission’s “Talent Pool” proposal to the integrity of transport sectors and the rights of workers. As the Council of Ministers inches closer to a potential agreement under the Belgian Presidency as early as 10 June, the ETF mobilises in a bid to halt this progression without listening to Unions.

News June 3, 2024

France: Thousands of Railway Workers Rally to Defend Public Train Service

On May 28, nearly 8,000 railway workers, organized by the Trade Unions representing railways workers, gathered in Paris for an important demonstration. This event marked a unified stand against the ongoing dismantling of France’s public railway system, the SNCF, under the pressure of liberalization and competition from the private sector. It also highlighted broader concerns about other European railway systems facing similar issues.

News May 23, 2024

Major Inspection Near Port of Antwerp Reveals Alarming Rate of Violations in Road Transport Sector

On May 20, 2024, a major inspection occurred at the Noorderlaan car park near the Port of Antwerp. Organized by the Belgian police and the Social Intelligence and Investigation Service (SIOD), the operation saw participation from the European Transport Worker’s Federation (ETF), BTB-ABVV, CSC Transcom, ACV Openbare Diensten, and the RTDD Foundation. With the support of the European Labour Authority (ELA), authorities from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania were also present in a collaborative effort to tackle social fraud and enforce compliance in road transport.

News May 16, 2024

Interview with Giorgio Tuti: “Europe Needs to Invest In Its Railway System”

Switzerland is currently negotiating a new framework agreement with the EU. The union of Swiss transport workers SEV is demanding that the Swiss government does not give in to pressure from the EU Commission to agree to a market opening for international rail passenger transport. The SEV is also supporting the Swiss Trade Union Federation’s demand to protect wages. Switzerland’s negotiations are also in the interest of the ETF, the European Transport Workers’ Federation. The former SEV president Giorgio Tuti is president of the rail sector at the ETF. A discussion on current European politics.

News May 15, 2024

Opinion: Third country drivers in road transport: the new wave of social dumping

The road transport sector in Europe plays a vital role in supporting the economy, facilitating commerce, and ensuring connectivity. However, this critical industry hides a troubling reality of exploitation, precarity, human rights abuses, and unfair competition. The latest wave of exploitation targets third-country nationals: drivers recruited from non-European countries under questionable arrangements and precarious conditions, as part of a business model where they are employed in countries where they never actually work.

News May 13, 2024

Train of Remembrance: A Journey of Reflection and Resistance

Never again, nowhere. Last week, the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung EU Office (FES Europa) organised an initiative called the “Train of Remembrance.” This 3-day pedagogical journey aimed to educate and empower young trade unionists by reflecting on the harrowing impact of the far-right Nazi regime during the 1940s in Germany, particularly the atrocities of the Holocaust that claimed over 6 million lives.

Publication May 8, 2024

EU Land Transport Labour Market: A Critical Examination of Trends and Policy Implications

Two years ago, the ETF launched a project to look in more detail at the roots of the above trends. Three reports – on road, rail and urban public transport were developed within the frame of the project to cast light on how liberalisation and market-opening policies led to undesirable effects that put at stake the very goals and objectives set by the same policymakers.

Statement May 7, 2024

Joint EU Trade Union statement toward the Council negotiation on the revision of the European Works Council Directive

European Trade Union Federations have issued a joint letter strongly criticizing the European employers’ organizations for their opposition to the proposed revision of the European Works Council (EWC) Directive. The unions argue that the employers’ stance demonstrates a lack of understanding of the EWC Directive and a lack of effort to support policy-making based on evidence. They call on the Council to ensure that EWCs are given sufficient and enforceable rights, as well as the necessary resources to exercise them.

News April 29, 2024

Navigating Crisis in Civil Aviation: Insights from Meeting in Helsinki

On April 25th-26th, representatives from various civil aviation unions met in Helsinki for an intensive training session led by Kris Major,  Chair of the Joint Aircrew Committee and representative of the UK’s union Unite. The training was aimed at “bringing the crisis guide to life”, infusing it with the collective experience and insight of the attendees. This guide will eventually serve as a comprehensive collection of guidelines to equip union representatives with the essential skills and support to navigate crises adequately.

News April 23, 2024

Empowering Women in Transport: A Crucial Battle for Rights and Representation

In a pivotal seminar held in Milan on April 10th 2024, more than 70 women from 15 countries assembled to confront the challenges faced by women in the transport sector amidst the backdrop of the growing far-right movement in Europe. The seminar welcomed not just union leaders but workers and workplace representatives from all over Europe, notably with a significant presence of Italian workplace delegates. In light of the upcoming European elections, the discourse focused on the indispensable role of women in leading the fight for equality and justice in the transport sector.

News April 22, 2024

Standing still in Solidarity: Workers in the Transport Sector Call for Safer Working Conditions

Across the Netherlands on Saturday, trams, buses, metros, and trains came to a standstill for a few minutes. This pause was not due to technical issues or scheduling conflicts; rather, a symbolic protest the rising tide of violence faced by transportation workers. It’s a call to action by trade unions and companies to ensure a safer working condition. The national railways (NS) along with most public transport companies all stopped for three minutes on Saturday night at 10.30pm.