Campaigns & Issues


Campaign August 26, 2021

All Aboard for a European Year of Railway Workers

For the ETF and its affiliates, the European Year of Rail is the Year of European Railway Workers – a year to celebrate those who work in the sector keeping trains moving safely and sustainably.

Issues January 12, 2021

Brexit: Respecting drivers’ working conditions

Road Transport between the UK and the Continent is essential but, unless professional drivers are guaranteed a smooth border crossing and a prompt and regular return home, less and less of them will be willing to transport goods and people across the Channel. In view of the new Brexit agreement, the ETF is keeping a close eye on developments and working to ensure the wellbeing of our drivers.

Projects July 27, 2018

Changing Ports

Ports are changing. Bigger ships, shifting trade patterns and new technologies. But what does this mean for European port workers?

Campaign April 28, 2023

Day Against Driver Fatigue

The ETF will launch its very first Day Against Driver Fatigue on June 21st, the longest day of the year. The campaign aims to draw attention to the critical problem of driver fatigue in road transport, primarily caused by poor working conditions.

Campaign November 28, 2018

DHL Workers: Justice simply denied

ETF and ITF call for a global Action day to take place on 8th June 2018 in support of the ETF Tümtis colleagues.

Projects July 27, 2018

Training and qualification systems in the EU port sector

Training and qualifications are a core topic for the ETF Dockers’ Section. This project gathered and disseminated knowledge on the different training and qualification systems in place in the EU, making ETF and our affiliates leading experts on the issue. We also organised debates with our partners, such as port authorities and operators, along with training centres and institutional actors.

Projects April 9, 2020

Trade Unions and Drivers for Safer Roads in Europe

The driver’s profession is today more stressful and dangerous than it once was. Fatigue makes it harder for drivers to maintain vigilance, alertness and decision-making capacity in passengers safely to destination. ETF launches Safer Roads project, to raise awareness about driver fatigue and to improve safety on EU roads.