Managerial and Professional Staff Study

This research report from 2008 examines the increase in managerial and professional staff in the transport sector. What roles do they occupy? How is their relationship with their employers? What can trade unions do to engage them?


Press Release – ETF denounces ideological 4th railway package

The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) rejects major parts of the fourth Railway Package adopted by the European Commission today, Wednesday
30 January 2013. In particular, the ETF denounces the introduction of compulsory competitive tendering for all rail public passenger transport services and the liberalisation of all other domestic rail passenger services, the so-called open access competition. The ETF decisively rejects as well the total separation of
infrastructure management and operations.


ETF – IDC Joint Declaration 1 February 2013

On 1 February 2013 the ETF and IDC met in Brussels to discuss the latest developments on EU ports policy as well as the critical situations of Spain, Greece and Portugal.


ETF Press Release – European Action Day on 12 June_30042013

Today, Tuesday 30 April 2013, the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) announced that Air Traffic Management (ATM) employees are mobilising for a European Action Day on 12 June 2013 to demand the establishment of a fair, cooperative and social Single European Sky (SES). Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs) and the entire ATM staff will hold parallel walkouts, rallies, meetings and strikes across Europe calling on the European Commission to stop a never ending process of liberalisation, deregulation and cost cutting in the ATM industry.


European Social Dialogue Committee for Ports

Today, Wednesday 19 June 2013, the formal inauguration of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee (SSDC) for the Port sector takes place in the Métropole Hotel in Brussels. It marks the end of 15 years of pushing for its establishment by the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) that is already represented in six SSDCs. ETF Chair for the Dockers’ Section, Terje Samuelsen, states: “We look forward to contributing to a body in which both parties, notwithstanding their different views, are ready to engage in open and meaningful debates to improve the working conditions of our port workers.”


Disruption in the sky_EU pushing new rules_PR_13_0923_F

The safety of millions of European air passengers will be subject to a decisive vote in the European Parliament (EP), in one week’s time (30 Sept.). At stake are new rules for EU-wide Flight Time Limitations (FTL) for pilots and cabin crew, which the EP Transport Committee will decide upon. The new rules, proposed by the EU Commission, have been widely criticized as “unsafe” and not scientifically-based. Pilots and cabin crew, who in January staged ‘walkouts’ across Europe to warn about the dangers of aircrew fatigue, consider this proposal unacceptable and call for its rejection by the European Parliament.


PR ECA ETF Breakthrough for Aviation Safety EP Vote_130930

European pilots and cabin crew welcome today’s decision of the EU Parliament Transport Committee to reject the Commission proposal for new flight time rules in Europe. With a large majority of 21 to 13 votes, the EP Members voted for the rejection of the proposal which contains several significant safety loopholes. The vote sends a clear signal to the Commission to come up with an improved safe and science-based text that ensures passenger safety is safeguarded.


Vote on Flight Time Limitations by EU Parliament

After a firm rejection in the EU Parliament Transport Committee, the flawed EU Commission proposal for Flight Time rules for pilots and cabin crew will be put to a vote at the next EP Plenary meeting. On 9 October mid-day, a vote by all Parliament Members in Strasbourg will determine whether the safety loopholes contained in that proposal will become official EU wide legislation and allow air crew to be landing after 22 hours awake, or flying 11-12hrs30
through the night.


ETF Press Invitation Demonstration 14 October 2013

Members of the press are cordially invited to follow the demonstration organised by the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) and its affiliated trade union organisations on Monday 14 October 2013 from 13.00 to 15.00 at “Place du Luxembourg” in Brussels. Approximately 200 air traffic management employee’s delegates from all over Europe will gather in Brussels in front of the European Parliament. There will be an opportunity to interview delegates from the ETF affiliates present. Some of them will attend the meeting of the European Parliament Transport Committee.


Railway Workers Action Day against the 4th Railway Package

Tomorrow, Wednesday 9 October 2013, the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) organises a European Action Day calling the Members of the
European Parliament to take the unions’ concerns with regard to the 4th Railway Package seriously. On 26 November, the Transport and Tourism
Committee (TRAN) of the European Parliament is expected to vote on this Package. ETF affiliates from several European countries plan to organise
national actions in view of the Parliament vote. The ETF rejects further liberalisation and fragmentation in the sector and wants to remind the policy makers that railway services are first and foremost public services. The quality of such services depends on the quality of the jobs and further liberalisation will inevitably jeopardize this.


Do not mess with air traffic management jobs in European sky

Today, Monday 14 October 2013, over 200 air traffic management (ATM) staff delegates from across Europe demonstrate in front of the European Parliament in
Brussels, following the call of the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF).They protest to express their disagreement with the new package on the
Single European Sky (SES), called SES2+, adopted last June by the European Commission. They call the European Parliament to stop dogmatic liberalisation of
the ATM industry. They say “Enough is enough” and “No” to a SES that jeopardizes jobs in Europe.


ATM action day on 30 January 2014

Today, Tuesday 17 December 2013, the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) announced that Air Traffic Management (ATM) employees are mobilising for a new European Action Day on 30 January 2014 to demand the establishment of a fair, cooperative and social Single European Sky (SES). Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) and the entire ATM staff will hold parallel walkouts, rallies, meetings and strikes across Europe calling on the European Parliament to stop a never ending process of liberalisation and cost cutting in the ATM industry.


Loss of Bob Crow

It is with the deepest sadness we have learnt that our comrade Bob Crow has passed away , Tuesday 11 March.


ECSA-ETF Position Paper on Piracy (April 2014)

Shipowners and Seafarers’ representatives call for continued efforts in combating piracy in East Africa & request the EU to liaise with regional States to ensure safe navigation in West Africa.


Social Clause in SFAs EN

Social clause to be inserted in the Fisheries Partnership Agreements (FPAs) with third countries

Finnair agreement – No more outsourcing and redundancies

After difficult negotiations, the Finnish Cabin Crew Union (SLSY) and the management of Finnair reached an agreement on Saturday 4 October. The union received a two-year protection from redundancies and no more jobs will be outsourced for the next four years. In return, the union agreed with measures that will bring the company annual savings of 18 million EUR.


Joint Declaration US-European NAI

Joint Declaration of U.S. and European Transportation Unions in Opposition To Norwegian Air International Flag of Convenience Scheme November 24, 2014


Joint Declaration 19 EBOLA

Following the meeting of the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Maritime Transport in October 2014, the Social Partners for Maritime Transport ECSA and ETF acknowledged the need to draw shipping companies’ and seafarers’ attention to the risks from the Ebola virus. At the same time they underlined the need to provide crew members onboard ships calling at ports in affected countries with relevant guidance.


Joint ETF-CER Press Release – Increasing share of women working in the rail sector 02-02-2015

On 2 February 2015, the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) and the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) published their second annual report on the development of women employment in the rail sector in Europe. The results show that the average share of women working in the rail is increasing and currently stands at around 20%.


Court orders Wizz Air to reinstate dismissed union leader – 25 March 2015

The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) today welcomed the decision of Romania’s
Ilfov court to order the reinstatement of an unfairly dismissed trade union leader. The court decided on 19 March 2015 that the dismissal of the president
of Sindicatul Aerolimit (the cabin crew union at Wizz Air’s base in Bucharest) was illegal and the company has to reinstate him. In addition, Wizz Air is liable
to pay compensation equal to his salary.


Joint ETF ECSA Press Release – Social exclusions of Seafarers – 2 April 2015

On 1 April, the Employment Committee of the European Parliament (EP) endorsed the report of Rapporteur Morin-Chartier (EPP, France), which puts forward
amendments to the Commission’s proposal aiming at including seafarers in the existing directives on information and consultation, European Works’ Councils,
transfer of undertakings, collective redundancies and employer insolvency.


ETUFs demand high standards on HS for urban bus drivers

At the occasion of the ETF Urban Public Transport Committee meeting on 21 April 2015 in Brussels, the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) and IndustriAll European Trade Union have issued their joint declaration, calling for high standards for the urban bus drivers’ workplace.


Better Regulation Watchdog

The Press Release issued at this occasion together with more information about this initiative.


Joint ETF – ECSA Press release Social exclusions

Following the adoption of the Council’s General Approach in December 2014 and the adoption of the European Parliament’s Employment Committee position in April 2015, both EU Institutions met with the European Commission in trialogue on 6 May and reached an agreement on the Commission’s proposal for a Directive on seafarers’ exclusions. A compromise text for a new directive to increase protection of seafarers’ labour rights was confirmed by the Council’s Committee of Permanent Representatives (Coreper).


ETF PR infringement case minimum wage

On 19 May 2015 the European Commission (EC) announced it would open infringement procedures against Germany on the application of the minimum wage to transport. The respective EC press communication offers indications that the European institution is ready to give up some of the Community rules – i.e. Directive 96/71/EC on Posting of Workers – for the sake and benefit of free movement of services and goods. The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) notes with surprise that, according to the Commission’s communication, the German minimum wage would not apply to “certain international transport operations”.


European workshop tackles restricted work mobility of fishermen in Europe

On Friday 29 May 2015, in the frame of the European Maritime Day, Europêche1, the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF2) and the European Boating Industry, organised with the support of the European Commission a workshop attended by Member of European Parliament Sofia Ribeiro (Employment Committee), representatives from the European Commission and key maritime stakeholders. Discussions took place to adequately address the problems faced by the fishing and boating industries in Europe, owing to the lack of recognition of qualifications of personnel on fishing and small commercial vessels.


Joint Press Release – EU-level port social partners meet Commissioner Bulc

On June 16th, 2015, Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc met with the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO), the European Transport Workers Federation (ETF), the Federation of European Private Port Operators (FEPORT) and the International Dockers’ Council (IDC), to discuss the achievements, current work, priorities and expectations of the Sectoral Social dialogue Committee for ports and listen to Commissioner Bulc’s priorities regarding the port sector.


Danish court allows industrial action against Ryanair

Today 1 July 2015, the Danish Labour Court ruled that Ryanair has to engage in collective bargaining with trade unions within five days and that the Flight Personnel Union (FPU), affiliated to the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), can legally enter into an industrial conflict with Ryanair. This means that a primary industrial action can come into force on Monday at midnight and a variety of secondary actions in the airport can be initiated, such as no refueling of airplanes, no baggage loading etc.


EP takes Social Partners’ Agreement for Maritime Transport on board

Today 8 July 2015, the European Parliament’s (EP) Plenary session adopted the agreement reached in trialogue with the Council of the EU last May, on the European Commission’s proposal for a Directive on seafarers. This adoption marks the end of a very long process, which started some eight years ago and which had opposed shipowners to trade unions for many years.


Another victory over WIZZ AIR in Romania: The Dismissed Cabin Crew reinstated

After the recent court rulings and the decision of the Romanian National Council for Combating Discrimination, the cabin crew union Sindicatul Aerolimit Professional (SAP) scored another important victory in their fight for workers’ rights: on 16 July 2015, the court has ordered the reinstatement of the cabin crew members dismissed by Wizz Air in the aftermath of setting up a trade union.


ETF EFFAT ecolabelling

European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) and the European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions (EFFAT) joint answer to the public consultation on an ‘EU Ecolabel for fishery & aquaculture products’


Taxis – for innovation and a level playing field

Brussels, 15 September 2015 – The European Social Partners in road transport, IRU and ETF (European Transport Workers’ Federation), have renewed their call for a level playing field in the taxi and hire-car with driver sector. Fair competition is essential for supporting innovation and ensuring high service quality to customers, good working conditions, and competitiveness in the public transport chain.


European Citizens’ Initiative calls for fair transport in Europe

On Monday 28 September, a group of European citizens, transport workers and union members launched a new European Citizens’ Initiative called “Fair Transport Europe”. “Fair Transport Europe” calls on the European Commission (EC) to propose measures for ensuring fair competition in transport and to guarantee equal treatment of workers.


Shipping sector receives Seafarer of the Year award for role in migrant rescues

The Lloyd’s List Global Award for Seafarer of the Year, usually reserved for individual seafarers who have shown bravery and leadership in the line of duty, was this year presented to all of the world’s seafarers (and their shipping company employers) in recognition of their collective efforts to rescue thousands of migrants’ from the Mediterranean throughout a continuing crisis which shows little sign of ending.


ETF/ITF Tug Conference 2015

ETF/ITF affiliates representing workers in tug and towage operations met in London on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th September 2015.  Representatives of 20 member organisations from 11 countries discussed the impact of global maritime business model shifts.


ETF comments the Common Approach of the EU Transport Council on the 4th Railway Package

EU Transport Ministers partly reinstall the freedom of choice for the organization of rail public transport services but failed to give more social protection for public transport workers exposed to social dumping threats in competitive tendering ETF comments the today adopted Common Approach of EU Transport Ministers on the political pillar of the 4th Railway Package.


ETF Press Release – How to rejuvenate EU-based maritime employment

On Wednesday 21 October 2015, the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) organises in cooperation with the S&D Group a seminar addressing the
urgent need to promote the recruitment and retention of skilled European based seafarers. The event, attended by Members of the European Parliament (MEPs)
and representatives from the European Institutions, workers’ organisations and the World Maritime University, aims to draw up a social agenda to make European
shipping a sector that provides EU-based maritime employment and know-how.


ETF launches a campaign to keep train crews on trains

On the 27th of October the ETF presents in Brussels its campaign to keep train crew on trains. Actions will be taken by the ETF affiliates at national level on the 29th of October and trade unions from Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland have confirmed initiatives for that date.


Unions across Europe campaign to keep train crew on trains

Today, 29 October, following the call of the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF), railway unions from across Europe organised actions to inform passengers about the tasks of staff on board of trains. Trade union members distributed flyers to passengers on-board of trains and in stations, press conferences were set up to inform the wider public and the management of railway companies were addressed with specific motions, informing them about the actions and the unions’ claims.


CER-ETF Press release on Rail Freight Declaration

Today the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) and the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) presented their recently adopted Joint Declaration on Rail Freight on the occasion of the 2nd European Rail Freight Day, in Vienna. Signed by CER Executive Director Libor Lochman, ETF Deputy General Secretary Sabine Trier, and the President and Vice-President of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue for Railways, Matthias Rohrmann (CER) and Guy Greivelding (ETF), the document presents proposals for measures to be adopted as part of a ‘fairness and growth plan for rail freight in Europe’.


ETF Press release – Aviation strategy for Europe

On Monday 7 December 2015, the European Commission (EC) presented its long-awaited Aviation strategy for Europe. The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF), the largest European workers’ representative in civil aviation, agrees on the urgency for a comprehensive strategy integrating social aspects, safety and security, as well as measures to restore fair competition. However, the ETF is dissatisfied by the lack of binding legislative proposals and
actions in the social field in the Commission strategy.


Report from the General Secretary n. 12

Please find attached 12th Report from the General Secretary, giving you an overview of ETF’s horizontal and sectoral work for the period June-December 2015


ETF Toolbox March 2016

The European Social Partners in the Air Traffic Management domain have agreed on a Toolbox for successful social dialogue. The aim of this document is to increase the quality of social dialogue and reduce the risk of conflicts. The document has been formally adopted by the Social Dialogue ATM Working Group.


UITP – ETF Joint Statement on Sustainable Urban Mobility

The ETF and the UITP call upon the European institutions to take as a priority the development of sustainable urban mobility and to support the modal shift towards cleaner, more efficient, safer, public mass transportation modes.

Public transport should be an integral part of any urban development agenda and local authorities should be empowered to successfully carry out integrated urban strategies that cover public transportation but also housing, education, culture, tourism and employment policies.

In this context, UITP and ETF strongly emphasise the responsibility of all levels of government, including the European level, to ensure quality in public transport and thus quality working conditions, the provision of appropriate financing as well as a close cooperation among employers, employees and trade unions to pursue and achieve common objectives.

You can download the ETF-UITP joint statement in English, French and German.


Free movement of labour in transport sector

This report was prepared at the request of 3F Transport and the Danish Transport and Logistics Association (DTL) and with support from the Danish Working
Environment Authority’s fund for activities relating to social dumping and foreign labour.


Solidarity message following the terrorist attacks in Istanbul

On behalf of more than 3.5 million transport workers from 41 European countries and over 230 trade unions, I want to express solidarity with the Turkish population, the Turkish ETF affiliates and all those directly and indirectly affected by the terrorist attacks in Istanbul on Tuesday evening 28 June 2016.

In Solidarity,

Eduardo Chagas


Solidarity message following the attack in Nice

It is with deep regret that we have learnt about the horrible attack on Thursday evening 14 July in Nice where more than 80 people have lost their lives.

The ETF family joins the European and international trade union movement in conveying its condolences to all those hit by this unfathomable act of random violence. Our thoughts are with their loved ones, relatives, friends and colleagues.


River Cruise accidents letter of condolences_16-09-2016

Please find below:

•A statement from a member of the ETF Swiss affiliate “Nautilus International” who had worked together with one of the crew members who died in the accident (in German and English)

•The letter sent by the ETF General Secretary to the ETF IWT Section members

•Online articles about the fatal accident of the 11st of September with pictures:

oFrom website (in German);

oFrom gcaptain website (in English);

oFrom Telegraph website (in English);

oFrom Dailymail website (in English).


ETF views on RPAS 151216

The document ennumerates major risks of drones operations, such as collission, human factor, terrorist attacks, cybersecurity and third party risks. It further calls for a robust regulatory framework including categorisation of drones, pilot licenses for drones, training, registration, hardware requirements and airspace separation. Please find below the text.


Joint letter ETUFs on CETA to ENVI

You can download the joint ETUFs letter, signed by the European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade unions (EFFAT), the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ/FEJ), the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF), the European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE/CSEE), the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (FETFBB/EFBWW), the European Federation for Industry and Manufacturing workers (IndustriAll), the European trade union federation for services and communication (UNI Europa) and the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) below.


Just Do It best practice guide

The cross-sectoral international approach ensured a coverage of the different experiences in different realities and conditions, thus mobilising an interest among young workers. You can download the booklet below in English, French, German and Italian which was created by the young unionists themselves.


Joint Press Release – ITF-ETF Ryanair business model must reform now

The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) and ETF (European Transport Workers’ Federation) today warned that Ryanair’s business model of outsourcing and the rejection of staff requests for better conditions and union representation is putting the airline’s future in doubt.

The ITF revealed that, following the defeat for Ryanair/Crewlink at the European Court of Justice last week, it has been approached by a number of investors who are concerned by analysts’ estimates that compliance with the judgement will increase Ryanair’s labour costs by up to 20 percent – leading them to question the sustainability of its aggressive and cost-cutting business model.

ITF general secretary Steve Cotton explained: “Ryanair is at a crisis point, facing a triple whammy of being taken to task by the ECJ, having mismanaged its flight time obligations, and lost consumer and staff confidence.

“These aren’t random misfortunes. For years representative bodies, including our own affiliated unions, have called for improvements – from union recognition to improvements in pay and conditions. Instead the airline has stuck with a stubbornly single-minded business model that operates in the margins, leaving no room for compliance with, among other things, flight time and leave entitlements for all crew.

“That outsourcing model – which is typical of the kind of forced precarious working that is increasingly being successfully challenged in the world’s courts – is now leading analysts to question the sustainability of these employment practices.”

Oliver Richardson, chair of the ITF’s civil aviation section and national officer at Unite the Union, commented: “The truth is that when the business was on the way up shareholders were happy to believe the model was sustainable. Ryanair’s control of the release of information around compliance risks also reduced shareholders’ ability to hold the board to account on employment matters and impact on broader corporate governance. Those days are now over.”

“”Put simply, it’s time for Ryanair to reform. Shareholders face significant risk, passengers are angry, and workers have had enough. The emergence this week of a more coordinated approach from workers will expedite access to improvements. The ITF will work with our unions to secure this.”

Eduardo Chagas, general secretary of the ETF, added: “Offering small allowances and knee jerk pay awards, while at the same time continuing with an aggressive management style, is not going to get Ryanair’s management out of the hole that it has dug for itself. Ryanair has no choice but to adopt a new and consultative business model. The fact that Ryanair operates in the European Union should imply that basic labour rights are granted to all Ryanair workers.”

For more information please contact:

European Transport Workers’ Federation
Rue du Marché aux Herbes 105, Boîte 11
B-1000 Bruxelles
Telephone: +32 (0)2 285 46 60
Fax: +32 (0)2 280 08 17



ETF Driver Leaflet

See below the drivers’ information brochures on the Mobility Package.


ETF Open letter to Transport Commissioner on the reality of port work

Ports are critical to European economies and so is port work. It is indeed in everybody’s interest to have efficient and competitive ports. The Spanish dispute reopened a debate that had been kept somehow silent for some time, about the competitiveness of European ports and the role of port labour.

We feel therefore the need to state our points of view on the reality of ports and port work in Europe.

Training and qualification systems in the EU Port Sector

In 2008-2009 the ETF Dockers’ Section carried out an EU co-funded project called “Training and qualification systems in the EU port sector: setting the state of play and delineating an ETF vision”.

Training and qualifications are a core topic for the Dockers’ Section, and this project aimed to deepen the debate within the ETF about the issue. In the attached report we also gathered knowledge on the different training and qualification systems in place in the EU.

River Cruise Campaign Booklet

This River Cruise Campaign Booklet can be distributed to river cruise workers to raise awareness about our campaign, offer solidarity and putthem in touch with trade union contacts.


Tug Declaration (March 2015)

ETF and ITF affiliates declare their renewed intention to engage in closer cooperation in order to tackle jointly the manifold challenges and changes affecting the sector.


ETF Policy on Mutual Respect (EN, FR, DE)

The ETF is opposed to any discrimination based on gender, nationality, race or colour, age, sexual orientation, disability or beliefs. Among trade unionists there is a very high degree of appreciation of the need to respect the dignity of every individual. Nevertheless in all organisations there should always be vigilance to ensure that all participants feel they are able to operate in an atmosphere in which they feel comfortable and safe. This policy sets our our rules and expectations around mtural respect.


ETF Constitution

English, French and German laguage versions of the current ETF Constitution, last amended in 2017.


ETF Work Progamme 2017-2022

Agreed at the ETF Congress 2017 in Barcelona, this work programme sets out the priorities and strategies for ETF over the next five years.


Strategies to promote women’s employment in urban public transport

This guide was produced by the ETF and the UITP through the EU-funded social dialogue project WISE 2 – Women‘s Employment and Gender Policy in Urban Public Transport Companies in Europe

It gives some background information in the issue and then presents a series of concrete examples of policies and practices.

The guide is available in BG, DE, EN, FR and RO.


Drivers don’t clock off

How often do bus and coach drivers work during their rest time? An ETF survey carried out on 687 drivers show that 56% of them will prepare their weekly journeys during the week-end. 57% of them use their rest time to clean their coach while 46% of them will have to find a spot to park their coach once they drop off their passengers, and that’s also done on the expense of their rest hours. See this info-graphic for more.


ATM Just Culture Toolbox 2018

The improvement of safety in operations in modern day industries relies to a significant extent on a good safety culture. The single most important part of a good safety culture has been recognised as Just Culture. This is an atmosphere of trust where employees feel naturally inspired to call to attention safety risks, even when they themselves may be implicated in the discovery of that safety risk. However it is also clear that unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. The six ATM partners for Just Culture (ATCEUC, CANSO, ETF, IFAIMA, IFATCA and IFATSEA) representing different actors of the organisational domain (employers, workers, professional staff organisations) have developed,as part of an EU-funded social dialogue project, a toolbox containing a set of guiding principles for developing and implementing a Just Culture in ATM.

Solidarity message to Italian Railway Strike (October 2018)

The ETF and the ETF Railway Section Steering Committee, which met on 27 September 2018, supports the battle of the more than ten thousand Italian workers involved in catering on board
trains, cleaning trains, stations and offices, setting up night trains and assisting the disabled who are again on strike for the 3rd time within 4 months on Friday 26 October 2018 to maintain their employment and their rights.


Guidance for social partners

The document provides guidance for social partners at company and sector level on how to end gender-based violence in transport. It includes ten things to do to prevent violence against women workers in transport.


Campaign poster

The purpose of the poster is to display it in workplaces and give a clear signal against gender-based violence.


Posters for the demonstration of 3 December 2018

Posters for the demonstration of 3 December. We will gather drivers, union activists, international trade union delegations, MEPs, to say STOP! to a deal that puts damages drivers’ wellbeing and road safety.

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