Young Dockers

Young workers must become active in their unions. That is critical for the future of our movement. In order to make our unions stronger, we need to make sure that young workers are fully involved in shaping the future of dockwork and contributing to the internal debates and actions of their unions. 

This is why the ETF Dockers’ Section started working in cooperation with the ETF Youth Committee on activating a network of young dockers in international union work. 

We launched our activities on young dockers in 2017, and since then we organise yearly meetings. At our meeting in 2018, over 40 young dockers from 11 countries and 14 unions met in Germany to discuss issues that are critical for the future of their work: automation, digitalisation and solidarity.

The network is also an important platform to share experiences of young dockers’ movements in different unions, not only in Europe, but also at the international level.

Latest news about Young Dockers


Young dockers at the negotiating table!

This year our young dockers from 8 European countries were invited by the ETF and Solidarność to Gdynia in Poland. The main activity was a training workshop and role playing exercise about how to succeed in collective bargaining negotiations. The participants also discussed the recent EU elections, ways to build powerful youth movements, and the role of unions in Poland’s rebellion against dictatorship.


Young Dockers discuss burning issues in the future of dockwork

More than 40 young dockers from 14 unions and 10 countries travelled to Walsrode, Germany, for the second ETF young dockers meeting. They discussed port automation and solidarity, while sharing experiences about how to organise young dockers and make them active trade union members. Their aim is to build a fair future for dockworkers.

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