Addressing the ‘mega trend’ on sustainable transport

25 May 2017

250517_Mega trend - sustainable transportAutomation and digitalisation, globalisation, climate change and demographic change were all up for discussion at the second #ETF2017 roundtable event, this time themed around sustainable transport.

ETF Vice President Alexander Kirchner was joined at the table by representatives from the European Federation Transport and Environment (T&E), the Federation of European Private Port Operators FEPORT, European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) Barcelona’s Transport Councillor.

Building alliances between groups with a shared vested interest in promoting user friendly, green, well supported methods of public transport was key to the discussion with Samuel Kenny of T&E saying: “We need to find a way to improve public transport in our cities without compromising on working conditions.”

Meanwhile there were calls for labour organisations to lead the way on the changing nature of work to prevent the inevitable change ‘being destructive’.