Airline industry and EASA must implement new cabin air safety standards

7 Nov 2022

The airline industry and EASA must implement new cabin air safety standards.

Aviation workers and safety experts are calling on airlines, manufacturers, and the EU Aviation Safety Agency to immediately implement new cabin air quality standards designed to protect staff and passengers from chemical fumes.

After more than seven years of work on the issue, the European Committee on Standardisation (CEN) has published a technical report – “Cabin air quality on civil aircraft – Chemical compounds”, – including recommendations on how to prevent exposure to fumes through improvements in the design, maintenance, and operation of aircraft.

These measures are crucial to minimising the impact of “fume events” when the air ventilation supply on commercial aircraft gets contaminated with noticeable amounts of heated engine oil and hydraulic fluid fumes.

You can find the European Transport Workers’ Federation, the European Trade Union Confederation, the Global Cabin Air Quality Executive, and the European Cabin Crew Association joint Press Release here.

For more information, you can contact Dana Berinde, ETF Communications Officer for aviation: