As European Parliament gets ready for elections, thousands march in Brussels for a fairer EU

26 Apr 2019

ETF joins ETUC demo for a fairer EU Polling stations for the European elections will close just one month from today, and the stakes could not be higher. This is the least predictable EU elections for years, and it’s vital that progressive worker-friendly parties get a good result.

That’s why the European Trade Union Confederation called workers and their unions to the streets of Brussels. We were proud to join 8000 marching from the European Parliament to the European Commission, showing that there is real support for a renewed European Union. We stand behind ETUC’s vision of a better and more social Europe, not less Europe, and for social progress, better pay and better working and living conditions.

Of course this aligns perfectly with our manifesto for Fair Transport in Europe, so we made sure to take our Fair Transport banner along!

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