BTB shares information on weekly rest with drivers in parking areas

8 Oct 2014

081014_BTB rest time

On the E313 highway towards Antwerp, at the parking area in Ranst, the BTB distributed pamphlets to truck drivers on 8 October. They talked to truck drivers to inform them about their rights in relation to taking their weekly rest outside of their truck.
Drivers are currently forced by their employer to take that rest in their truck, meaning some end up living for months in their vehicle. The BTB distributed the ETF pamphlet, having translated it into Dutch as well. Ten BTB activists took the time to talk with almost 100 truck drivers. As well as talking about the importance of taking weekly rest, they talked about the quality of the facilities of the parking areas where drivers normally take their weekly rest. There were drivers from different nationalities present: Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Latvia, and other Eastern European countries. Press coverage of the action extended to the national TV news, commercial radio (Q-Music), public radio (Radio 2). The national newspaper, Gazet van Antwerpen, is also following the union’s activities.