Call for Experts | Delivering Fair Transport for All (DFT4A)

10 Aug 2023

Over the last years the ETF has revamped its work on the logistics sector with a view to bringing together all our unions organising workers in all segments of logistics (warehouses and last-mile delivery, aviation logistics, rail logistics, maritime logistics etc.) and identifying common challenges and common actions at European level.

A strong focus of the ETF’s work so far has been to look at the strategies that multinational companies have developed on employment, engagement with unions, subcontracting, and also on how the recent developments of e-commerce have had an impact on the logistics sector at large.

The project Delivering Fair Transport for All (DFT4A), for which external expertise is needed, is aimed at developing the understanding and expertise of the ETF in the logistics sector, through research and the exchange of information among ETF unions organising in the sector.

The research will provide an overview of the industrial landscape of logistics and the main trends in the sector at a European level. It will map key logistics and e-commerce companies. It will also map the key workplace issues throughout the logistics supply chain.

Alongside and in support of the research, the external researcher will interact with a union and activist network in logistics, through network meetings attended by representatives of transport unions that are organising or active in logistics. This will help consolidate and develop the newly formed ETF Union and Activist Network in Logistics.

The research will result in a report on the findings, a package of recommendations and a vision paper to enable ETF and affiliates to coordinate our work towards stronger collective bargaining, good jobs and robust sectoral policies at national and European level for a regulated and sustainable logistics sector.

Full details of this call for tenders are available here.

The offers, including a CV, must be sent by e-mail to: Elizabeth Molinari at

The deadline for offers is on Friday 8th September 2023