Campaign: Social Dumping in Rail

Social Dumping in Rail

The ETF Railway Section campaign “Stop social dumping – for safe and social rail transport in Europe” wants safe and social rail transport.

19 Mar 2019

What is Social Dumping in Rail?

Social dumping occurs when companies abuse the opportunities offered by the free movement within the single market to undercut or evade existing labour standards and regulations, or to take unfair advantage of loopholes in the legislation. Europ’s railways market has many situations where social dumping can and does occur.

29 May 2018

Working on Rail Freight Corridors

International rail freight corridors could transform Europe’s rail employment landscape, but competition between public and private operators could erode working conditions. Our research is helping ETF affiliates prepare for the change.

19 Mar 2013

ERTMS – a new technology in rail and its social impact

The European Rail Traffic Management System is an initiative backed by the European Union to enhance cross-border interoperability and the related signaling equipment by creating a single Europe-wide standard for train control and command systems. What will ERTMS mean for the working conditions of train drivers, traffic controllers and rolling stock maintenance personnel?

19 Apr 2009