CER-ETF Joint Recommendations for a better representation and integration of women in the railway sector

12 Jun 2007

The European Social Partners in the railway sector – the ETF and the CER – signed on 12 June 2007 in Rome a set of recommendations meant to improve the presence of women in the railway sector. These recommendations are addressed towards the Social Partners’ members and focus on:

  • better participation of women in technical occupations
  • better access to all railway professions
  • better work-life balance
  • better workplace safety and security measures to allow women opt for work shifts
  • equal access to training
  • a better gender equality workplace culture
  • a thorough implementation of relevant Community acquis at the level of the sector.

Besides the recommendations at the core of the joint text, the ETF and CER further recommend to member organisations to monitor the evolution of women’s participation in railway professions, pay levels and quality of working conditions and to take measures that address workplace inequalities between female and male workers.