CFDT groupe Air France & UNPNC-CFDT say STOP to violence and harassment against women at work

3 Jun 2020

Inappropriate comments, forced kisses, inappropriate and unconsented touching… An investigation led by French media outlet Mediapart reveals numerous testimonies showing that sexual violence is widely tolerated at Air France.

The prevention mechanisms put in place by the company are deemed insufficient by the unions.

In reaction, CFDT Groupe Air France and UNPNC-CFDT (Cabin Crew) have released a leaflet denouncing the unacceptable sexual violence and have put forward their demands: they want to negotiate an agreement on harassment:

  • A toll-free number to break the silence
  • Processing victims’ complaints by a service other than the service in which the actions took place to ensure fair treatment.
  • Severe sanctions, from the beginning, to fight impunity
  • Visible and impactful communication that reminds everyone of the law and possible sanctions that will ensue if you do not respect the law
  • The strengthening of the charter in vulnerable sectors

“The CFDT will be intractable on this subject. More than ever, Air France needs peace and serenity to face the challenges ahead. Management must get involved! Fear must change sides! You [Ed. note: management] are responsible for it, and we guarantee your responsibility”.

Figures in France speak volumes: one in three women experience harassment in the workplace; all sectors are affected.

For CFDT, it’s clear: it’s now time to take action in all sectors.

“Other sectors have the same configuration management and also have the same consequences … We have to break this vicious circle, in which when nothing is punished, everything is allowed”.

At ETF, we are also committed to fighting violence against women in the workplace, which is why we are tackling this issue in the framework of our report on how to make the transport sector fit for women to work in. A teaser of the results can be found here, the full report will be disseminated this summer.

The CFDT leaflet for an agreement on harassment is available for download at your right.