Collective bargaining agreement for Turkish UPS workers

13 Dec 2013

The Turkish ETF affiliate TÜMTIS has reached a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that covers over 2,400 members nationwide. The contract was signed on 9 December 2013 for the coming three years, after 4 months of negotiations.

The CBA provides members with social security and a wage increase between 22 and 42%, it regulates UPS’ use of subcontracting and includes social provisions to the benefit of the workers and their families.

It is the second CBA TÜMTIS concludes after they have won the right to represent Turkish UPS workers following a 15 months struggle to reinstate and compensate 163 workers that were dismissed after registering to join the union. Kenan Öztürk, TÜMTIS President, comments: “We know that when we are organised, workers are powerful. We keep on organising logistic companies in Turkey with great power that comes from our members and international trade union organisations, namely the ETF and ITF.” UPS currently remains the only organised company in the sector. However, TÜMTİS is in negotiations with DHL to conclude a CBA for its members, following its recognition by DHL.