COP26: ETF & UITP call on EU to put public transport at the heart of climate talks

19 Oct 2021

In two weeks’ time, COP 26 will start in Glasgow and will be a key moment for accelerating action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Countries from all over the world will meet to discuss their climate plans and push forward their actions to tackle climate change.

In view of COP26, UITP and ETF, the European social partners, issued a new joint statement to call on the European Institutions and Member States to place public transport at the heart of their political agenda. Today’s challenges will not be met without clear priority being given to public transport as a vital pillar for economic, social, and environmental recovery both in the short and long term.

Public transport has a leading role to play in achieving the green transition. It is now time for the European decision-makers to recognise its key role and prioritise our sector in their national plans.

“We cannot meet today’s climate challenges without prioritising public transport! All actors need to play their part – achieving resilient, high-quality urban public transport requires investments that will ensure quality jobs, equitable access to mobility and reduced emissions”. – Susanne Gällhagen, ETF UPT Committee Chair.

It is in everyone’s interest to promote public transport: the cleaner air, creation of jobs and the economic benefits resulting from a stronger use of public transport would benefit every single person in the entire region, not just those who use it.

Our joint statement is available here and can be downloaded to your right.