Countries shall ratify ILO C188 and protect the rights of fishers worldwide

30 Nov 2020

The ILO Work in Fishing Convention (C188) is key for ensuring effective protection of the rights of fishers at the global level. Last week’s event on the topic, hosted by the European Social Partners in the Sea Fisheries Sector, confirmed this once again, with distinguished guests from the ILO, the European Commission, and several important fishing nations (France, the Netherlands, Denmark, the UK) calling for wide ratification of ILO C188 and transposition of its EU equivalent, EU Directive 2017/159. Although the adoption of the Convention traces back to 2007, ratification numbers remain low.

The high-level panel emphasised the benefits of implementing the social standards established in the C188 for protection of workers. They presented concrete problems states have been facing and solutions they have found in the process of ratification and in implementation, offering valuable insight to those that have not done so yet.

Wide ratification is essential for fishers’ rights in Europe and around the world, as it would help stop social dumping and create a level playing field. Fishers’ working conditions would be protected and could not be used to compensate for the evermore pressing global competition between fishing companies and fleets.

A recording of the entire webinar is now available on ETF’s Youtube channel.