COVID-19: Aviation workers urge the EU and the Member States to save and rebuild European aviation

17 Mar 2020

ETF Civil Aviation Section is closely monitoring the developments in European aviation caused by the spread of COVID-19.  It is clear that we are dealing with an unprecedented crisis and that aviation will not be the same once the immediate threat is over. It remains to be seen how long the crisis will last and when the demand for airline services will return.

The changes we see in European aviation have grave consequences for all groups of workers – working for airlines, air navigations services providers, airports or ground handling operators.

To ensure that the industry is saved and rebuilt, a series of aviation-specific measures need to be taken in short, medium and long-term perspective both by the European Institutions as well as the individual Member States. These measures must include:

  • Health and safety, salary and reinstatement guarantees for all aviation workers;
  • In addition to the recently published measures by the European Commission that include state aid and fiscal framework flexibility, any new aviation taxes at EU or national level should be deferred to aid the sector’s future recovery;
  • End to blind trust in market forces and liberalisation;
  • Social dialogue on all changes where employment or working conditions are affected.

All of the points above are explained in detail in the statement issued by the ETF today, available here.