COVID-19: ETF responds to the EC Green Lanes communication

24 Mar 2020


European Commission’s communication on the implementation of the Green Lanes does not provide the concrete measures that are needed to protect the transport workers who are on the frontline and who will bear the consequences of inaction.

Transport workers are putting their health on the line to keep Europe moving and they will not continue to do this if the EU does not take a stand to protect them and put concrete measures in place. At the moment, efforts by the European Commission are focussed on the free flow of goods, while little is done to protect those that ensure this.

We expect authorities on the national and European level to act swiftly. The situation is especially dire in road transport and aviation – statements were issued today, detailing the state of workers’ rights in these sectors.

Excerpt from the ETF Road Transport Section statement:

The communication goes against the efforts of the Member States to contain the pandemic and address its impacts. There is also no regard for the safety of drivers who are keeping Europe moving and are key in fighting off this pandemic.”

Excerpt from the ETF Civil Aviation Section statement:

Our industry is at a crossroads: either the current COVID-19 crisis completely decimates it or we turn the current events into an opportunity to rebuild the sector and learn lessons from the past.”

You may download the letter sent to the EU Commissioner for Transport Adina-Ioana Vălean here.