COVID-19: EVG signs cooperation to protect railway workers’ rights!

1 Jun 2020

Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Federal Republic of Germany (left) and Klaus-Dieter Hommel, Deputy Chairman, EVG (right)

Unions are hard at work to protect their workers. German union EVG initiated and signed a cooperation with the German Ministry of Transport and Deutsche Bahn to protect railway workers’ rights during COVID-19. The cooperation revolves around an agreement on four key points:

  1. Job Security for all railway workers
  2. Avoid “short-term work”
  3. Ensure the budget promised by the German government towards rail infrastructure
  4. Safeguard and guarantee the results negotiated and achieved through previous collective bargaining agreements with Deutsche Bahn

For EVG, the aim of the cooperation is to secure the future of railways and railway employees.

“Through this cooperation, we have ensured that there will be no fear of jobs cuts,” said Klaus-Dieter Hommel, Deputy Chairman of EVG.