COVID-19: Passenger charter is “key element in guaranteeing a safe way to work” in public transport (vida, younion joint action)

23 Apr 2020

Austria is among the first countries to gradually resume economic and social life. To ensure safe journeys in public transport by rail, bus, tram or metro, ETF’s affiliates vida and younion; the Austrian Chamber of Economics representing the employers, and the Ministry for Climate, Environment, Mobility and Energy adopted a “Passenger Charter”.

The charter contains instructions for actions to be taken, which are intended to minimize the risk of infection and ensure safety. Uncertainties about the correct behaviour in local public transport for passengers and workers are resolved in this charter. For this reason, the simplest and most understandable criteria for the use of public transport are formulated, divided into the three phases “Before the trip”, “During the trip” and “After the trip”.

In a press conference Vida President Roman Hebenstreit underlines “ With clearly defined behaviours, the charter appeals to the thoughtfulness of every individual and a collective implementation”. He sees the charter as “a key element in guaranteeing a safe way to work for our workers and making their everyday work easier”.

Hebenstreit also underlines that “with or without a corona crisis: The personnel in the transport companies always play a key role in the functioning of the economy and society. The safety of the staff is therefore just as important as the protection of the passengers. Right now, public transport workers have shown their courage all the more if they support passengers with advice and action as always. Because of the risk of infection, the bus and train staff must now maintain physical distance. But that doesn’t mean that they are now less close to the customer when it comes to service than before the crisis.”

The charter aims to create a safe atmosphere and rebuild the trust of passengers and workers in public transport after weeks of being warned not to use public transport. It is important to encourage the public to leave their cars at home, and hop back on public transport.

The charter is avaialble for download at your right (DE).