COVID-19: Solidarity with cabin crew in Iceland

25 May 2020


After more than a year of negotiations for a new collective agreement between the trade union Icelandic Cabin Crew Association and Icelandair, COVID-19 crisis hit.

The management has since applied a number of anti-union tactics, focusing on raising the value of the company in the eyes of investors instead of establishing quality social dialogue. There have been reports of the management soliciting services of external consultancies to break the workers’ resistance and force them into accepting poor working conditions, as well as plans to introduce a yellow trade union to undermine the efforts of Icelandic Cabin Crew Association.

Icelandair management is clearly using the current crisis as an excuse to break apart collective workers’ action and their struggle for fair aviation for all.

After learning about these concerning developments at Icelandair, ETF Civil Aviation Section issued a solidarity statement – available for download here.