COVID-19: Take action to prevent collision!

15 Apr 2020


Air Traffic Management (ATM) as part of the wider aviation industry is facing the most significant crisis in its history. ATM staff continues to provide an essential service to ensure flights can continue to operate, with cargo and medical flights playing a particularly important role at the moment. Despite the vital importance of the industry, there are several crucial on-going issues. These are relevant to the continuing provision of ATM services now and, even more importantly, in the future, after we emerge from the current situation.

In the new statement released today, ETF Civil Aviation Section calls upon:

  • Employers, to live up to their legal obligations to protect their workforce and upon the governments to ensure proper monitoring.
  • EASA and NSAs, to plan for the future and prevent ‘regulatory creep’ and ensure that standards are upheld to their pre-crisis levels.
  • EU Member States, to provide adequate funding for their ANSPs so they can continue to provide services, both now and to support the resumption of more normal traffic levels.
  • European Commission, to delay its work on publishing its next reform of the Single European Sky and to set out what it intends to do about the performance scheme, providing clear information on how it intends to support ANSPs for the remainder of the Reference Period.

Insight into these proposals is to be found in the statement – available for download here and at your right-hand side.