COVID-19: Tourism Manifesto responds to EC guidelines on the future of tourism

20 May 2020

Ahead of today’s video conference of ministers of tourism, stakeholder group Tourism Manifesto issued a joint statement. In it, they respond to the European Commission’s recent guidelines on the future of European tourism, highlighting the key measures that need to be taken.

Union involvement in the group – including ETF, EFFAT and UNI Europe – is reflected in the demand for the protection of workers in the sector. A strong emphasis is put on the need to protect all types of workers, making sure that no one is left out of recovery measures.  

Moreover, stakeholders call for a swift implementation of the SURE mechanism as workers cannot wait any longer. This instrument must cover all workers, including those with non-standard forms of employment who are so far widely excluded from short-term arrangements or other forms of state wage compensation schemes.

Destinations, businesses, private owners, workers (including students and people with disabilities), entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals need to get through this devastating period and prepare tomorrow’s tourism. Availability of liquidity remains a big issue. The EU and governments are urged to provide financial support, including direct grants, to help them during the recovery phase and after.


The statement is available for download here.

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