Defending the Mobility Package: Importance of proper enforcement amidst ongoing court proceedings

25 Apr 2023

Currently, there are 15 court cases pending against the Mobility Package at the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), with all hearings taking place in Luxembourg over the past two days.

The ETF and its affiliates fought hard for the adoption of the Mobility Package. If these rules are correctly enforced, the road transport industry will have to go through a much-needed reform, with improved working conditions and fair competition.

With the recent truck drivers’ strike in the Grafenhausen rest area, it was revealed once again that exploitation is still widespread in this sector. Low pay, poor working conditions and lack of work and life balance contribute to the professional driver shortage, which has reached critical levels across Europe. In this context, the priority of the industry, Member States, and policymakers must be the correct and proper enforcement of the Mobility Package.