ETF affiliates united for a European #Fight4FairLogistics

3 Nov 2021

“Together, we can move mountains, even mountains as big as Amazon!” were ETF General Secretary Livia Spera’s concluding words at our #Fight4FairLogistics meeting last week. The bottom line: Unity. As unions, we committed to working together to develop a European strategy to fight against the spread of unfair labour practices and business models in logistics and e-commerce across all transport sectors.

On Tuesday, October 26 in Brussels, ETF came together with its transport unions to share their experiences, best practices, strategies, and views on what is needed to make decent work a reality as we see e-commerce, logistics and their unsavoury business models start to spread across all modes of transport.

Harrowing accounts from workers and unions confirmed what we already know: abusive use of algorithms, zero respect for workers’ rights, union-busting: companies like Amazon don’t care about their workers, and it’s up to us unions to make them care and change their ways.

Logistics and e-commerce giants have a global strategy, and now transport unions are coming up with their own counter-strategy – together. This first meeting was only the beginning of our work. As put by Frank Moreels, ETF President: “We must develop a European, even global, strategy in logistics and fight fire with fire!”.

Watch this space – because the ETF and its affiliates are making their fight for decent and fair work in logistics a European one!