ETF and ITF Dockers’ unions’ latest effort to stand up for peace

7 Mar 2022

Key International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) and European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) Dockers affiliate, FNV Havens is exploring with lawyers how the union’s members can legally boycott Russian-owned and Russian-controlled vessels; whose owners want to use key Dutch ports to trade in fuels as war rages on in Ukraine.

There is blood on this oil, blood on this coal and blood on this gas,” said Niek Stam, FNV Havens secretary,  the largest Dutch dockworkers’ union. He added: “We are in the process of finding out how we can boycott it without risking an enormous fine in court.”

While the UK has banned Russian ships from its ports, the Netherlands has not yet blocked them. Stam said ‘he fears being sued by Russian businessmen or Dutch oil companies who will “bankrupt his union” if he encourages dockers to reject Russian cargoes before his government acts.’

It is just the ITF and ETF Dockers’ unions’ latest effort to stand up for peace.

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