ETF and ITF support ver.di in their fight against UPS redundancies

28 Jan 2021

500 workers risk their jobs in Germany as UPS announces redundancies. The first fight of many for trade unions as the news from Germany is part of a larger global transformation plan.

The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) and International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) lend their full support to ver.di in their fight against the announcement of 500 job cuts by UPS in Germany.

The ETF and ITF condemn UPS’s unfounded and incomprehensible decision as the parcel delivery industry faces no economic hardship.  Quite the contrary; thanks to the workers who continue to work tirelessly as the pandemic rages on, e-commerce is booming with the volume of delivered UPS parcels growing every day allowing UPS to keep its multi-billion dollar company status.

German trade union ver.di is at the forefront of the fight and will be meeting with the workers’ councils tomorrow to prepare their strong stand in the upcoming negotiations with UPS Management, to fight this deplorable decision and remind them that the hard labour of their workforce is what allows them to keep afloat.

ETF and ITF stand in solidarity with ver.di and all UPS workers fighting against these unfair and unacceptable redundancies.

However, we must warn that this is the first fight of many as the news from Germany is framed within a larger global transformation plan.

UPS is deliberately unfolding its agenda on a country-by-country basis to circumvent the European Works Council and workers’ fundamental information and consultation rights prior to restructuring.

Another low-blow from the company, but ETF and ITF are fully prepared to defend the rights of UPS workers.


The joint statement can be downloaded at your right.