ETF and Syndex launch project to build more European Works Councils

12 Mar 2018

European Works Councils can give employees a voice in multinational companies At the moment there are already some EWCs in transport companies, but many more companies are eligible. The ETF believes that more EWCs should be established, and stands ready to support workers in doing so.

Last week ETF together with Syndex kicked off their two-year project with a seminar in Madrid focusing on the civil aviation sector. Two similar seminars will follow in June 2018, one on ground transport (rail & road) and one for maritime transport & ports. 27 activists from 9 countries attended the meeting, with two busy days of learning and planning. They also joined the huge Women’s Day demonstration organised by feminist and labour groups.

The transport sector is a good place to set up EWCs. Why? Because transport is a liberalised, globalised and mobile sector. Many of the companies are international, and decisions that affect workers in one country are often made in another. EWCs can give those workers access to information and consultation rights, and even a chance to influence company policy. With multinational transport companies creating a fragmented workforce, and pushing automation & digitalisation, EWCs are one tool workers have to take back some control.

Find out more about EWCs in this video from the European Trade Union Confederation:

EWC project website: