ETF Announces Pan-European “Logistics Action Days” in October

29 Sep 2023

The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) announces the upcoming “Logistics Action Days,” a pan-European initiative set to take place over the first two weeks of October. This series of events aims to shed light on the essential yet often overlooked role of logistics workers in our economies and advocate for their rights and well-being.

A Glimpse into the Action-Packed Agenda

The Logistics Action Days will kick off with a series of confirmed actions across Europe:

  • October 1st, Stockholm, Sweden: Actions to mark the signature of the first Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Swedish Transport Workers’ Union and a leading international last mile delivery firm.
  • October 3rd, London, UK: Unite the Union will host an education workshop focusing on standards and organizing for grocery logistics workers.
  • October 4th, Brussels, Belgium: BTB action at a logistics company
  • October 5th, Madrid, Spain: An educational workshop on AI in logistics featuring ETF General Secretary, Livia Spera.
  • October 11th – Rome, Italy, Ministry of Labour. Demonstration organised by ETF members in Italy’s FILT-CGIL, FIT CISL, UILTRASPORTI

Further actions are planned in Denmark, Germany, France, , Norway, Slovakia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Ukraine.

The Urgent Need for Fair Logistics

Logistics workers are the backbone of our economies, yet they remain largely invisible and unprotected. The sector is rife with precarious jobs, low wages, and poor working conditions. The ETF and its affiliates are committed to changing this narrative by coordinating efforts across Europe to make logistics workers visible and their issues heard.
As part of this initiative, the ETF will officially launch the “Manifesto for Logistics Workers,” that calls on employers and politicians to ensure dignified work, collective bargaining, the end to precarious contracts, logistics industry regulation, and transparent funding.

Call to Action

We urge employers, national governments, and EU institutions to collaborate with the ETF and our affiliates in improving and regulating work in logistics. Together, we can create a sustainable and fair logistics sector that respects the dignity and rights of its workers.