ETF deplores EP TRAN Committee’s vote on 4th Railway Package

6 Dec 2016

More protest actions planned in Strasbourg against PSO Regulation

ETF did not welcome the vote in the European Parliament’s Transport Committee yesterday, 5 December. The Committee adopted the political pillar of the 4th Railway Package comprising the amended PSO Regulation 1370/2007 on public passenger transport by rail and road. ETF plans more actions in Strasbourg to protest against a text that paves the way for further liberalisation of rail public passenger transport without ensuring a better protection of public transport workers in this competition.

“The result in the TRAN Committee shows that the conservative majority in the European Parliament did not learn any lesson from the growing dissatisfaction of European workers and citizens. Dissatisfaction about a Europe that gives more importance to opening the market and competition than to social protection of workers against social dumping practices,” criticises ETF Deputy General Secretary Sabine Trier.

ETF stays mobilised for next week’s decision in the EP Plenary Session in Strasbourg where the European Parliament will vote on 15 December on the political pillar of the 4th Railway Package.

ETF will organise an action in front of the EP in Strasbourg on 13 December from 12h to 14:00 to urge Members of the European Parliament to reject the amended PSO Regulation on public passenger transport in plenary.

The campaign can be followed on social media via @ETF_Railways and NoFairTransport & NoOurPublicTransport.

For further information, please contact Sabine Trier (Tel: +32 (0)2 285 46 67; M: +32 477 512 814,