ETF Dockers stand up for peace and solidarity with Ukraine

3 Mar 2022

Transport workers unions worldwide and in Europe called last week upon leaders on all sides to show restraint, diplomacy and urgently de-escalate the conflict to minimise the threat to civilian lives and livelihoods.

As several ports in Ukraine have been attacked, Dockers across Europe stand in resolute solidarity with the people of Ukraine and all port and transport workers of good will worldwide in condemning this unjust and unprovoked war.

ETF Dockers urge the Council of the EU to activate as soon as possible the Temporary Protection Directive to offer quick and effective assistance to people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Following the introduction by the UK of new sanctions against Russia, including banning ships from UK ports, ETF Dockers call upon the European institutions to coordinate the approach with all European Channel ports to avoid unilateral decisions and to take into heed necessary justified humanitarian reasons.

Marc Loridan, Vice-Chair of the ETF Dockers’ section, makes known that: “port trade unions in Antwerp, Belgium and their employers have issued a joint statement. We support the EU economic and financial sanctions and have been applying them rigorously. We follow the situation in Ukraine and show our solidarity with the millions of victims of this war.

We, as Dockers’ family, are sending a message of solidarity and resolve to our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. We also stand together with our Russian comrades as they demand that their leaders end this war” says Niek Stam, National Secretary, port section, the Netherlands.

Terje Samuelsen, Chair of the ETF Dockers section concludes:Dockers in Europe stand with Ukraine’s people, democracy and self-determination. Honest and respectful dialogue is the only path forward”.