ETF-ETUI Sustainable Transport Days

18 Feb 2021

ETF-ETUI Sustainable Transport Days is a series of seminars for ETF affiliates and their members on the topic of Future of Transport policies in Europe.

Our kick-off event “A sustainable future for Transport?” is open to all and brings together Adina-Ioana Vălean, European Commissioner for Transport; Karima Delli, Chair of the EP Transport Committee; Pedro Nuno Santos, Portuguese Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, and Livia Spera, ETF General Secretary to discuss the Mobility Strategy and Fair Transport and ends with a discussion on sustainable transport beyond the EU with Matej Zakonjšek, Director of Transport Community; Diana Holland, Deputy General Secretary of Unite the Union; Oleg Grygoriuk, First Vice Chairman of MTWTU; and Steve Cotton, General Secretary of ITF.

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Wednesday, 10 March – Open to public

  • Will the EU mobility strategy deliver Fair Transport?

Speakers include Adina-Ioana Vălean, European Commissioner for Transport, Karima Delli, Chair of the EP Transport Committee, and Pedro Nuno Santos, Portuguese Minister of Infrastructure and Housing!

  • Sustainable transport beyond the EU
  • Post-COVID passenger transport

Thursday, 11 March – Open to all ETF affiliates

  • Road & Rail – Future of land transport with transport workers at its core
  • Maritime – Pathway to resilience: safety on board ships
  • Aviation – Building a sustainable aviation industry

Friday, 12 March – Open to members of the ETF Management Committee and Section/Committee Chairs

  • Building up the ETF Sustainable Transport Policy

For more about the programme and speakers, check out the full agenda!

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