ETF expresses condolences over death of Belgian dockers

15 Apr 2015

On Saturday 11 April, three dockworkers died in the port of Antwerp, Belgium, while entering a ship’s hold to unload its freight of cokes, a type of coal. All three dockers had years of experience, the consternation among their colleagues is high.

ETF (European Transport Workers’ Federation) Dockers’ section chair, Terje Samuelsen, said: “Our first thoughts and expression of solidarity go out to the dockers’ relatives, colleagues and friends. This is a devastating time for them and for all dockers who learnt about this accident.”

“Dockers are constantly aware of the risks involved, port safety and accident prevention always receive their highest attention. The port of Antwerp has a very high repute when it comes to health and safety; this is the gravest accident in Antwerp since many years.”

“We count on a profound and transparent investigation into the causes of these deaths and that sufficient measures will be taken to prevent this from happening again.”