ETF expresses solidarity following railway accident in Czechia

10 Jul 2020

The ETF is shocked and saddened to learn about the terrible rail accident on 7 July 2020 near Pernink in Karlovy Vary, Czechia. A collision between two trains resulted in the death of two passengers, and 24 injured, including railway staff.

ETF presents its sincere condolences to the families, loved ones, relatives, friends and colleagues of the victims of this tragic accident. On behalf of more than 5 million transport workers from 41 European countries, we also express our solidarity to our Czech railway affiliate, OSŽ, and all railway workers in this difficult time.

Czech railway trade union, OSŽ, is providing financial assistance to the family of the seriously injured chief of the train crew. We have also been informed that colleagues of injured railway staff are providing them with financial support and that the employer, Czech Railways, has said that they are ready to help injured railway staff and passengers.

The accident occurred on a single line where there was no additional technical safeguard equipment available to stop both trains from simultaneously running. Such an accident shows how important it is to ensure proper investments in railways to guarantee the safety of the railway system.

It shows just how vital it is to fight for railway safety, for safe working conditions and against financial cuts to ensure passengers’ and railway workers’ safety in both freight and passenger transport.

We hope that the independent accident investigation reveals the full range of causes that led to this accident.