ETF Manifesto launched in more languages: German, Italian, French and Spanish

7 Feb 2024

Ahead of the 2024 European Elections, the ETF now launches its Manifesto “A New Deal for Fair Transport” in more languages. This comprehensive manifesto, that outlines a series of critical demands of European transport workers, is now available in German, Italian, French and Spanish! 

This manifesto is a call to action to all candidates for the EU election and European political parties to commit to these demands, advocating for a fair and just Europe that places transport workers at the forefront of its policies.

The ETF and its affiliates will be meeting policymakers, candidates, and citizens to discuss and mobilise around this document. The goal is to put transport and transport workers at the centre of the debates in the months until the European Elections of 2024.

Key Highlights of the Manifesto:

Challenging the Narrative: Contrary to popular belief, Europe does not face a labour shortage but a shortage of decent jobs. The ETF emphasises the need to redefine transport work, which is currently plagued by low wages, long hours, and declining working conditions.

Worker-Centric Policy Making: The manifesto demands a shift in transport policy to focus on the needs and concerns of transport workers, calling for a decisive political commitment from European candidates and parties.

Protection and Enforcement: Specific measures are sought to protect mobile workers, alongside strengthening sectoral collective bargaining, regulating subcontracting, and enhancing the role of the European Labour Authority (ELA).

Safe and Discrimination-Free Work Environment: Ensuring a workplace free of harassment and discrimination, the ETF calls for an end to precarious work conditions and a gender-sensitive approach in all EU transport policies.

Economic Oversight and Social Provisions: The manifesto seeks greater transparency in company decision-making, social conditionality in subsidies and state aid, and social considerations in procurement procedures.

Sustainable and Fair Green Transition: ETF advocates for a just green transition, emphasising fair resource distribution, an end to austerity policies, and active engagement of workers and trade unions in the process.

Inclusive Digital Transition: The manifesto calls for updates to EU labour law to protect workers against the challenges posed by new technologies, ensuring digitalisation in the workplace is negotiated and reinforces decent work, labour rights, democracy, and gender equality.