ETF Road Section adopts position on the revision of maximum weights and dimensions of commercial vehicles

12 Nov 2013

Mid-October 2013, the ETF Road Transport Section adopted its position vis-à-vis the European Commission proposal on the revision of Directive 96/53/EC (maximum weights and dimensions for certain commercial vehicles). The Section sees the proposal as an opportunity to step up enforcement and tackle the serious problem of overloading in the trucking sector.

Equally, this is an opportunity to improve the environmental and safety performance of lorries. The proposal opens doors to improve the comfort and safety of professional drivers. It is acknowledged that truck drivers systematically spend their driving and rest time – for consecutive days or even months – in their cabin. In the months to come, the ETF Road Transport Section will campaign for a better design of the driver’s cabin, for mandatory onboard weight sensors as an effective enforcement tool, as well as to prevent handling of rear flaps by professional drivers.