ETF sends condolences to Turkish affiliates after fatal rail accident near Ankara

13 Dec 2018

The ETF was greatly shocked and saddened to hear about the terrible accident that happened near the Marsandiz station in Ankara in the morning of 13 December 2018. The accident resulted in 9 fatalities and over 40 injuries, of which several are serious.

On behalf of the ETF family, General Secretary Eduardo Chagas and Rail Section President Gieorgio Tuti sent a message of condolence to the families, loved ones, relatives, friends and colleagues of the victims of this tragic accident. On behalf of more than 5 million transport workers from 41 European countries the ETF represents, they also expressed our solidarity to our Turkish affiliates and all railway workers in this difficult moment.

Rail is ussuaky an externemt safe mode of transport, but such an accidents always raise a lot of questions about proper investment in the railway system that is needed to guarantee its safety. This once again shows how important it is to fight for railway safety. We must ensure that no cuts and no savings are made in this domain for the sake of passengers’ and railway workers’ safety in both freight and passenger transport.