ETF solidarity with UK transport workers on strike to defend jobs, pay and conditions

21 Jun 2022

Starting today, rail, London Underground and TfL workers across the UK are taking the most significant strike action in 30 years to defend their jobs, pay, pensions and conditions.

Rail workers across the UK are outraged: While railway companies raked in at least £500 million of profit last year, today, they threaten their workers with job and pay cuts.

Transport for London (TfL) and London Underground (LU) workers are protesting over plans to slash the value of their pensions and the refusal of TfL to make an acceptable pay offer.

Transport workers have kept the UK moving throughout impossible circumstances during the pandemic. To see their hard work repaid with salary freezes, job cuts, and threats to pensions is unacceptable.

The media and Tory government have launched a series of unfounded, vicious attacks on UK unions taking action. Grant Shapps, UK Secretary of State for Transport, has even suggested bringing in agency workers to cover striking workers’ shifts, putting not only union rights in danger but also the security of all passengers.

Such behaviour is appalling: the right to strike is a fundamental right, and without unions and their industrial action, there would be no one to defend workers’ rights.

All working people should benefit from good negotiated terms, conditions, working conditions and pensions that will allow them to live, not just survive in retirement.

Workers and the public deserve a transport system that operates for the benefit of the people, for the needs of society and our environment – not for private profit.

“Our fight is your fight!”

ETF General Secretary Livia Spera has expressed support, noting that across Europe, transport workers are all fighting the same battle with governments and companies attacking workers’ rights and cutting funding. On 28 June, ETF, its unions and transport workers will march for #FairTransport – for decent jobs – in Lyon.

The ETF stands by its UK unions: RMT, ASLEF, Unite the Union and TSSA (currently balloting their members for strike action) and their present and future industrial actions.


Confirmed strike action (to this date)

ASLEF: 23 June, 2 July – other possible dates to come – Tram drivers on 28 – 29 June and 13 – 14 July                                                                              
UNITE: Transport for London and London Underground: 21 June  Arriva Yorkshire bus and train: Ongoing
RMT: 21, 23, 25 June
TSSA: Currently balloting their members for possible strike action on 25 July